“He is a one man force, part story-teller, part comedian, part masterfully self-possessed musician.” – William Glenn, Fringe Review

Americana and Adult Alternative performer Mike Milazzo is an accomplished singer/songwriter/guitarist who blends wooden and electric instruments for a raw, heartfelt, singular sound. His most recent, “Love Is A Cage” features an eclectic mix of songs, honed by hundreds of live performances and showcasing Milazzo’s years of performing. Reflective of his time spent in NYC, “Love Is A Cage” has come from broken relationships, interactions that have gone wrong, and stories of lost love affairs of the past. As Mike handed the tracks to his producer he apologized for another selection of sad songs, “Keep the melancholy coming, Mike, that’s what you’re good at.” replied George.

“Musically, this is a combination of genres, merging gospel with bluegrass, country with rock ‘n roll. We think of Elvis Costello at times, but there is a tangy twang and a hint of the Four Horsemen that’s unmistakable.” – Willam Glenn, Fringe Review

Mike’s first album, The World Outside (Mighty Quinn Productions, 2007), connected strongly with fans and is considered by many to be a treasured gem in their collections. The album was well received by critics and still receives regular airplay on local, satellite, and internet radio. As a life-long working musician, Mike is at his most comfortable on stage. He has shared his guitar, vocal, and mandolin skills with emerging artists, veteran performers – including Meg Griffin’s Trainwreck, Buddy Cage, and Tom Hanway, – and as an opening act for Donovan, Richie Havens, and Levon Helm.

Whether represented by a full band or by minimal instrumentation, Mike Milazzo’s songs resonate with a raw heart and a melancholy beauty.